Why is Pubg So popular & Addictive


 There are a few reasons for Pubg that makes everyone addictive

Pubg Popular

1.Enthusiasm – This is actually the plan of gaming programmers. They make game appropriately. There’s a special team just with this particular. They motive us for play match increasingly more. So they create rank system from the match.

If ranking strategy removed from the game afterward it would not be addictive. We play game for growth our rank. It supplies us pleasure while we ranking up.



2. PUBG Missions & Challenges- They provide us different troubles for expand more addiction. They give some mission challenges and when we complete the mission they give us rewards.

They also give us everyday basis challenges and royal Pass. We may see the title of high royal pass position player though we engage in with the match. And we also want our name in the airplane, thus we play with game additional.

3. Rewards & Skins – They provide us advantages like brand new outfits, crates, gun skins, helmet skins, luggage pack skins. Therefore we engage in the game more and more. As soon as we get any benefit our mind releases dopamine compound which give us and we all play with the match over and over. So that’s the reason why Pubg is more addictive.

4. Game-play – The overall game play of Pubg mission is quite much addictive because first of all they gave us challenge to survive till the end and destroy the enemies between manner. Blue zone is the main Aspect of how the game that makes the match separate from different games.

This is why the Pubg popular & Addictive in the brief period of time even when it is in its early access stage.

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  1. Playing as a squad is funny. I was paired with players who speak Malaysian Malay and Indonesian. Online (at least in comment sections), Indonesians and Malaysians aren’t that friendly. But in PUBG, the camaraderie is amazing. This is the first thing that got me hooked.


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