How to work with dynamics 365 word templates and bookmark fields in D365 F&O


Here We go How can we work with Dynamics 365 word templates and bookmark fields in D365 F&O

in AX 2012, COM objects are used to replace the bookmarks in a word template and this will generate a dynamic word template.

These features were deprecated in D365 we can’t use the COM objects to replace the word bookmarks.

The alternate way in D365 was, we can use the “open in MS Office” with some custom template let me brief the step by step process to achieve this.

Step 1:

Create a word file and add the “Microsoft Dynamics – office Add Ins” under the My Add-ins tools.


Add the server information and connect the data entity. Before doing this, you should confirm that you must be created a data entity for the table which you are going to integrate with the custom word template.

Step 2:

After adding the server details, select the respective data entity from where we would like to integrate the data.


Step 3:

In AX 2012 we will map the bookmark fields with the table fields. But in D365, instead of bookmarks, we directly map the table fields in the respective places by adding the values.


Step 4:

After adding all the fields, save the document and upload in the D365 office integration page.

Common –Common–Office Integration–Document template

After uploading the word template, we can find our custom template inside the “open in MS office” in our form.

Note: The data entity used in our template should be the root data source in that form.



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